makes me so sad to see people thinking africa is 

  1. a country
  2. a single culture
  3. monolingual
  4. uneducated
  5. completely poverty stricken
  6. uncivilized
  7. basically any one thing to be honestly africa is a continent and incredibly diverse culturally, nationally, linguistically, racially, and historically like what the hell?



As Halloween approaches I feel like half of a Tumblr is like 


and the other half is like


I am a combination of both these things, all year. 




what pastel hair means for women of color

From the article:

Everdeen Mason: “…I grew up in the suburbs of Cincinnati, a black Latina with nappy roots, with pelo malo. I spent a lot of time letting people tell me what I was supposed to be doing with my hair. It was infuriating. My whole life I’ve been looking for hair that identifies me. Unable to attain (or get my parents to pay for) the elaborate, braided updos and beehives of my black classmates and unable to style my hair effortlessly like my white classmates, I was attracted to the extreme but never fully took the plunge. I was still trying to look normal, which to me meant having straight hair. But, how is relaxed hair any more natural to me than purple hair?…”

Diana Nguyen: “…Up until college, I was surrounded by similar-looking people. The same dark-brown eyes. The same skin tones. The same hair. Except, as I got older, hair colors got lighter and blonder. Meet another subculture: the Asian Baby Girl or, as the locals like to call her, the ABG. She is a doll, an Oriental Barbie, personified. Her makeup is always perfect, with nary a fake eyelash out of place. Her blue or green contacts complement her overly teased blonde highlights or bleached-blonde ‘do. She pops in a club of electro-house-dancing, black-haired peers. She is my brother’s girlfriend. She is, at times, my sister. She is quite a few of my friends. But, she is never me. Until Ott was done with me, that is…” 


Last thing: my favorite part is how she hasn’t done her homework in a while, does shit she knows she shouldn’t, sleeps in until the last like ten minutes in the morning and THEN tries to get all her shit done even if I try waking her, only hangs out with her man and the upperclassmen except on “movie night”, and handles criticism poorly to the point of implying she’s being oppressed, but criticizes others freely to the point where she threatened to just physically force someone to do the right thing, but she’s the golden girl who will probably get a billet and high proficiency and conduct marks when she leaves

Meanwhile I literally wake up on time, try to do my homework, try to participate in class, actively attempt to hang out with my classmates, set all my gear up the night before, and generally follow the rules except for ONE incident, and I offered to talk with a marine having issues to help work out why he’s acting out, but I’M the shitbag with the attitude problem (despite only becoming angry when provoked or stepped all over) and when I do something it’s the end of the damn world.

ALSO, she feels like because she, a blue eyed blonde haired white woman, Is like…a quarter Native American (not raised anywhere near the culture) and a quarter Mexican and raised around black people, she can say as much fucked up racist shit as she wants.

Like, we’re discussing something and she goes “Oh, the Indian guy?” the half Native American guy sitting beside her WHO WAS RAISED IN THE CULTURE says “it’s Native American.”
"Oh, the Indian guy?"
I say, “Dude, it’s Native American. Indians are from India.”
…at the expense of the Native American correcting you.

She also loves her black jokes and feels like she gets to have a say in when black people say the word nigga, and that if we can use it, she can too. Like we were sitting in the break room and someone said how they felt happy and she was sleepy and said “I’m feeling nappy” in reference to naps, then started laughing hysterically and elbowing me as she suddenly realized how “funny” her wording was, and wondered why I stared at her stupid and said, “it’s okay, I was raised around black people!” Her favorite thing to quotes is a joke by an Asian woman about an Asian woman in a nail shop convincing her to get upgrades on her nails, accents and all.

Like she’s a walking equal opportunity violation and the perfect example of “Decent person, racist tendencies.”

My roommate insists that informing her that she doesn’t handle being told that she’s wrong well is demanding she be submissive.

Her logic is literally “I have no idea what the answer is, but I know what I’m talking about more than you and won’t accept your answer unless forced to.”

Like she insisted I was angry when there was nothing wrong with me, then got angry when I pointed out that her insistence that I am angry is what’s causing my anger.

It has nothing to do with dominance. It has everything to do with not being an ass.

And the kicker? When I am perceived as being angry, which is me asserting myself and standing my ground, she tells me to more or less bend over and take it. When she gets told to be less of a jerk when people tell her she’s wrong, that’s demanding her to be submissive.


When a movie is so good that the DVD release doesn’t even have to put a title anywhere on the case


"I’m also a killer. I’ve killed a lot, and if I need to I’ll kill a whole bunch more. If you don’t want to get killed, don’t show up in front of me."
Actual quote from Ferguson “law enforcement” officer and 35-year police veteran, Dan Page. But hey, let’s keep focusing on all those unreasonable “looters and rioters” (via odinsblog)




The general reaction upon hearing that OITNB didn’t win ANY Emmy’s.

uzo aduba won but Jodie foster lost to big bang theory director… I didn’t get most of the winners.

Correction, Uzo won for “Outstanding guest actress in a comedy series”! NPR reported that they didn’t win any, I’m glad they/I was mistaken. Uzo deserves all the things!