I’m calling that ass out.

This is the facebook post in which Gabriel Startley calls my brother a fag, me a nigger, and disrespects my mother in law, while claiming to be an ally, but at the same time, says homosexuality is wrong. It turns out, Gabe is homophobic due to his own latent homosexuality, and he also has no awareness of how racist and homophobic he is. He tries to use his faux ally status as a means to avoid getting his ass handed to him for being a homophobic, racist bastard, and claims he is neither of those things while proving that he is, sometimes in the same sentence. He also admittedly engages in underage drinking. There is also this.

I reluctantly omitted his address, because I have just enough humanity to take his address out for safety reasons. He later deleted this comment, and shortly after I finished collecting receipts of this entire ordeal, deleted the entire thread. Y’all know I’m not about that “Delete shit and get away with it,” life.

Gabriel Startley, I want you to know that I have no sympathy for that ass. ZERO. I want this to pop up EVERY TIME someone Googles your motherfucking name. I want every prospective employer, every college board, every background checker, every law enforcement agency to know what you did with a simple internet search. I want any curious person to be able to Google you and see this. I want your children to be curious and Google you and see this, and realize what a bigoted asshole daddy is, especially if your kid turns out gay. I want them to see how daddy treated gay men. I want any of your dates or spouses to look you up and see how you treat other human beings for nothing more than sexuality and race. I want this all over the motherfucking internet.

What I do not want is for anyone to contact Gabriel Startley, or his sister. No one. Not just because this fucking bigot has a right to privacy, but because I want any future backlash as a result of this being seen by a college, employer, law enforcement agency, background checker, child, spouse, friend, or family member to be a complete and utter fucking surprise. I want it to blindside his ass and come back to bite him when he’s forgotten about it and thinks he’s gotten away with this shit. Again, do not contact, do not engage this bigoted fuckstick.

I do not endorse fat shaming, or the use of ableist language. At all. And I apologize to anyone who is offended by Gabriel being fat shamed. However, I was not going to police the language of others in protection of this fucking bigot, who deserved all of the backlash he got.

For those who wish to see it, this is the video of Gabriel Startley being punched in the face because his mouth wrote a check his ass couldn’t cash. And in case you are curious, I have zero sympathy for the fact that he got his shit leaned as a result of popping off at the mouth to the wrong person.

Don’t fuck with my family.

By the way, he never showed up at my house.

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