I decided to make a Statcounter tutorial.

Oh look, an anon. Let’s pretend this anon said something more hateful than “butts” and you’d like to find this person to report them to tumblr staff for their behavior. But how?

Lucky for you, you have StatCounter!

This is a tutorial on how to find an anon in your inbox using statcounter and timestamps.

First, go to your StatCounter page, and select the project, or in this case, blog that you want to see visitor information for. I only have one, for my blog High School Castaway.

Once that’s done, make sure you’ve selected “stats.” It’s right next to the picture of the bar graph, and you should see a blue, green and orange graph if you have the option selected to see one, and a summary of page loads and visits.

Check the timestamp on the anon ask.

Go to recent visitor activity. Look for any activity that coincides with the anon message’s timestamp (note: for WHATEVER reason, my StatCounter page is in central time, while my tumblr is in EST. That is the cause of the one hour time discrepancy. Check to see if your StatCounter and tumblr are set to two different time zones, and compensate accordingly.)

Okay, so through the last few steps, you learned the IP address, ISP, and general location of the possible anon. Now, to confirm, go to “Visitor Paths.” Once there, find your potential anon, and check their activity. Does it line up with the anon message you recieved? My anon message was sent within two seconds of the anon  coming onto the page, and was their exit link according to a previous step. I can conclude that this is more than likely my anon.

To do this tutorial, I had a friend send me an ask on anon, and no one told me who it was. I was to figure it out all by myself. Using the information I was given, I concluded that it was Karina.

I was right.

Note: If you get an absurd amount of rude anons who all come in at once, you may have a hard time determining which is which, or the difference may come down to a second or two. Either way, it’s a pretty reliable way to make your anons not so anon.

Thank you to Karina for her contribution to this tutorial. Butts indeed.

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